Thursday, April 9, 2015

Expanding the Realm Part 2

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the code for RealmSpeak is on GitHub and that I would be trying to extend the code a bit. Well, I have been groping around the innards of RealmSpeak for a few days now, and I figured I would give you guys a little progress report.

My main goal right now is just to add some spells to the game. There are three main reasons to add spells. First, it is an easy way to experiment and see how the code works. Second, because I am a little tired of choosing the same 2-3 spells over and over depending on the character I play. Finally, I know that many players have talked about buffing the day spells that give an extra phase. Others think this is the worst kind of blasphemy ever spoken. I wanted to throw a couple of these spells in the game to see how they played and if they imbalanced the game, or if they turned these spells into first-class citizens.

So, how is it going? Pretty good overall. I mostly understand how spells work and I have added a few new ones. What have I added...

Fae Guard (III/Gold) -- You summon a tiny fairy to assist you in battle. The fairy has no attack, but a 1 move time, so it can distract enemies while you dispatch them, or flee.

Miracle (I/White) -- If cast on a native group with a fallen member, that member will be resurrected and the group will become FRIENDLY with you for the rest of the game. (This spell is from Jay Richardson)

Serpent Tongue (VIII/Any) -- Control serpents and vipers.

Spirit Guide (VII/Any) -- A spirit guides you through the realm, allowing you to use secret paths/passages, but you won't learn any of them.

Stone Gaze (II/Grey) -- Roll on the Petrify table (1-5 success, 6 fail) to turn a target creature into a statue. A statue has no attack, tremendous (armored) vulnerability, and a 6 move time.

Summon Aid (VI/Any) -- You pay 1 gold and summon a member of a friendly native group to assist you in combat. If the native dies, you lose a level of relationship with the group.

Vale Walker (VII/Any) -- You can "walk the woods", but only in valley tiles.

The new upgraded phase/day spells are these...

Blend Into Background X (II/Grey) -- Extra HIDE phase/day. Lasts until the target fails a HIDE roll.

Blazing Light X (IV/Purple) -- Extra phase in the caves. Can only be cast in a cave clearing and lasts until the target ends a phase in sunlight.

See Hidden Signs X (III/Gold) -- Extra SEARCH phase/day. Lasts until the target finds a path/passage, discovers a chit, or loots a treasure card.

I need to do some more play testing of these, and I am looking to add at least 4-6 more spells. Hopefully, I can get to a release-state soon.