Thursday, March 26, 2015

Expanding the Realm

The designer of the awesome RealmSpeak, an application that allows you to play Magic Realm on your computer, has made the code open source. You can get it here.

This means that even though the last thing I need is another side project, I am going to be trying my hand at expanding Magic Realm. The first order of business will be to get myself used to the code and how it works, but then I will be creating an expansion to add a number of spells to the game.

Though I love how magic works in Magic Realm, I always thought that there weren't quite enough good options for spell casters. Certain spell casters could indeed be very effective, heck some of them are almost unkillable if played correctly, but their options were sparse and playing a spell caster generally means picking the one or two obvious choices for your character.

So, over the next few weeks I will be diving into the world of Java programming to see if we can expand the spell books of the Realm. If you have any suggestions about additions you might like to see in this venerable game, drop me a line... otherwise, wish me luck.