Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a guilty habit of occasionally Googling my name... probably a bit out of narcissism (though as I near middle-age man, I am not sure there is much left to be narcissistic about), but also due to a morbid curiosity about the intellectual debris I have left in cyberspace, especially because I generally use my real name in my posts. Indeed, there are posts and questions on technical forums and gaming forums that strike up a twinge of embarrassment today.

Now keep in mind, my name isn't all that common. There just aren't that many Magouns in the world. So, I was a little surprised to find that there is in fact another Chris Magoun out there, living out west and working in various capacities in the gaming industry.

I was amused until it dawned on me: this dude is in his 20s, is single, living in California and working as a game designer... My God, my namesake has my ideal life!!! Stranger still is the fact that at this very moment, the other Chris Magoun is writing a blog post about how his namesake, the 40-year old programmer with four kids, is dragging him down!

Or not.

But that would be pretty funny, wouldn't it?